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Business Tax Accountants

Business Tax Accountants

A business tax accountant at Horizon Advisors has the expertise and specialization to ensure regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal laws as well as providing significant financial savings for your company.

We focus in a variety of areas including accounting services, corporate tax, financial planning, entity structuring, and more. The CPA’s at Horizon provide big firm expertise with small firm attention. If you have questions or need help with business tax, talk with one of our experts and let us provide a personalized tax planning strategy for your company.

Business Tax Accounting Services

Managing business accounting and taxes can be challenging, as the complexity of the laws, rules and regulations surrounding these seems to increase every year. In today’s ever increasingly competitive business environment, maximizing a businesses financial position is always a smart strategic decision. Depending on a company’s in-house resources and expertise, it may not be a wise choice to attempt to manage these important matters on their own. In most cases, a business will be better served by seeking out an accounting firm that specializes in business accounting and tax preparation.

As subject matter experts, these firms are uniquely qualified to manage a company’s accounting and tax concerns. Because their focus is strictly on these matters and not the many other concerns with the day to day operations of a business, they are the most knowledgeable when it comes to knowing how to structure business accounting practices. This allows them to maximize profitability and minimize tax liabilities for their clients, ultimately saving clients a significant amount of money and increasing their bottom line.

Why Choose Horizon Advisors

Choosing the right accounting firm can be a difficult task, as there are many CPA firms offering business accounting and tax services. One of the things to be aware of when looking to hire a CPA firm is that those that specialize in a specific area of accounting and tax law are usually going to be the most proficient at maximizing their client’s success. As with many things in life, the more specialized a service becomes, the more effective the results.

This is one of the reasons why so many businesses choose Horizon Advisors to manage their accounting and tax needs. Our expert CPAs have decades of combined experience working with businesses to structure and manage their accounting practices in the most efficient and effective manner possible. With over 500 regular clients during tax season and over 100 small businesses using our services for their accounting and payroll needs, we are one of the most trusted and respected business accounting firms in the Metro-Detroit area.

One of the most popular services we offer to businesses is our payroll management. With the headaches associated with modern payroll requirements such as tax withholding, benefits, healthcare plans, most companies choose to outsource this mountain of paperwork to CPA firms in order to be able to focus on running their business. Our expert accountants are able to efficiently manage payroll in a manner that minimizes costs and liabilities for companies while ensuring that employees are properly compensated. As a testament to the quality of our work, we have an extensive list of long term clients who continue to use our payroll services year after year. If your company is in need of elite level business accounting, payroll and tax services, look no further than Horizon Advisors. Please contact our office today to find out how our services can become a critical part of your business success.