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Corporate Tax Accountant

Corporate Tax Accountant

An expert corporate tax accountant at Horizon can provide the support, objectivity and expertise that companies need for success within an ever-evolving business landscape. We provide a wide range of services related to accounting, consulting, and finance across numerous industries to give business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs the guidance they need to grow and prosper.

Our corporate tax accountants provide big firm expertise with small firm attention. Hundreds of companies have trusted our tax experts with the financial side of their business/corporate endeavors. If you have questions or need help with corporate tax talk to an expert at Horizon CPA and let us provide a personalized tax planning strategy for your company’s needs.

Corporate Tax Accounting Services

One of the most complex of all types of business accounting and tax niches deals with corporations. Managing the accounting and tax strategies for a corporation is challenging to say the least, due to the spiderweb of ever changing laws, rules and regulations surrounding these matters. In order to maximize a corporation’s profitability and minimize their costs and tax liabilities, it is critical that an expert strategy is implemented. While many corporations have the resources to manage their accounting and tax needs in house, most are best served by working with an expert CPA firm in order to achieve the best results.

A professional corporate accounting firm will be able to analyze the unique circumstances and needs of each individual client, formulating a strategy that allows them to improve their bottom line as much as possible. Some firms focus specifically on certain niche client types, while others work with a more broad range of clients. Generally speaking, firms that focus on one specific type of accounting and tax niche are able to provide the most effective strategies and solutions for their clients which at the corporate level can save millions of dollars annually and dramatically improve their profitability.

Why Choose Horizon

Selecting an accounting firm that best suits your corporation is a challenge to say the least. With so much on the line, hiring the wrong firm can have a significant impact on a corporation’s profitability and financial competitive edge. As mentioned previously, it is vital that the firm chosen specializes in corporate accounting and taxes. When firms specialize in one particular niche, they are able to become subject matter experts, which allows them to be intimately familiar with the unique laws and regulations specific to corporate accounting and tax processing.

The accounting professionals at Horizon Advisors are highly regarded as being some of the best corporate CPAs in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Our CPAs have decades of combined experience working with corporate clients to formulate custom tailored accounting practices to minimize tax burdens and maximize profitability. In fact, we have over 100 regular clients that stay on board year round utilizing our services – a testament to the effectiveness of our work.

In addition to accounting and tax management for corporate clients, we also offer payroll services. While often underappreciated, payroll management has the potential to have a serious impact on a corporation’s profitability. Especially in larger operations, improperly managed payroll can cost a corporation millions of dollars annually in misappropriated funds, IRS fines and the extra labor hours required to correct mistakes. In 2013 alone the IRS issued a total of 4.5 billion dollars in penalties to businesses due to mistakes in filing payroll taxes.

This is entirely avoidable when these matters are handled by expert corporate payroll accountants. For corporations seeking top tier corporate accounting, tax and payroll services in Michigan, look no further than the professionals at Horizon Advisors. If your corporation is in need of these services, please contact our office today to see how we can best help.