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State and Local Tax Advisors

State and Local Tax Advisors

Regardless of whether your business operates locally or across the country, trying to stay current and compliant with the ever increasing spider web of tax laws and regulations can be time consuming and challenging, especially for small businesses with limited resources. When looking for an accounting firm to handle your state and local tax (SALT) needs, it is important that the firm has experience and proficiency with a wide variety of tax laws and regulations. Choosing the right firm can free up valuable time for business owners and managers to grow and improve their business, but choosing the wrong firm can cost businesses unnecessary taxes, fines and waste an enormous amount of time.

Why Choose Horizon?

Fortunately, the decision to choose an accounting firm is easy with Horizon Advisors. Our accounting and tax professionals have decades of combined experience working with businesses of all sizes and types with operations both within Michigan as well as across state lines. We not only handle immediate tax issues and concerns, but also work closely with clients to develop custom tailored tax compliance plans that are as effective as possible. The results of our work speak for themselves, with a large number of our new clients being referrals from satisfied customers as well as other professionals in the accounting and tax industry.

To better illustrate our capabilities, below is a list of the primary state and local tax services we offer:

  • Multistate Nexus Reviews
  • Reviewing Apportionment methodology
  • State and local tax audit defense
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • SALT due diligence reviews
  • Tax provisions and ASC 740 disclosures
  • SALT issues related to E-commerce sales
  • Combined or consolidated income tax reporting analysis
  • Assistance with SALT incentives and exemptions
  • Sales tax compliance audits
  • Financial statement disclosures under FAS 5
  • Use tax reviews
  • Exemption certificates
  • Reverse audits
  • Due diligence in acquisitions or sales of businesses
  • Property tax reviews
  • Escheat tax reviews